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How I put my 'strangling inner artist' syndrome to peace?

How I become a happy person again? Problem: Have you ever felt like you are strangling your inner artist? Do you ever feel something is inside you, a desire to become an author even though you know you just sell one or two copies at maximum? I have a book in me. I have a course in me. I have a next billion dollar idea in me. I walk like a zombie.

Rant Or Retrospect

It’s been there inside of me for years and cropped up its ugly head several times over the years. I have been conned and used by a friend (in fact I thought he was my best friend). I would say he thrown a fleece on me. The irony is, I did not even know he thrown wool for several months down the lane. I am a positive thinking person and a great friend.

Top Up Your Coinbase Account With Zero Transaction Fee

This post applies to all British citizens who use Coinbase to deposit their money to trade or invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum. How to avoid transaction fee while depositing money to your Coinbase account. I use GDAX to trade my Bitcoins. Currently, if you want to buy some bitcoin in GBP(£) using GDAX, you need to top up your Coinbase account with EURO(€) currency (GADX is a part of Coinbase). There’s no choice, you can’t deposit Great British Pound due to technical problems.

The beginning of ending my blog drought

Hello, welcome to my blog. I made several attempts to write and manage a blog but failed miserably every time. What am I going to do to fix? Do you want to know the hack that minimised my writing time? Then keep reading.. 1. I believed I have no time and energy for writing (which is wrong) 2. I have no discipline to write consistently (also wrong) One beautiful day, I spoke to myself, the wiser side of me turned out and sat my side while kept his hand on my shoulder and said,

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