The beginning of ending my blog drought – Narendra Mandadapu
Narendra Mandadapu

The beginning of ending my blog drought

Hello, welcome to my blog. I made several attempts to write and manage a blog but failed miserably every time. What am I going to do to fix?

Do you want to know the hack that minimised my writing time? Then keep reading..

1. I believed I have no time and energy for writing (which is wrong)

2. I have no discipline to write consistently (also wrong)

One beautiful day, I spoke to myself, the wiser side of me turned out and sat my side while kept his hand on my shoulder and said,

“Man, you don’t have to write consistently, just do it when the urge strikes.”

WoW! I looked at him. He shrugged his shoulders and vanished in the air just like the way actors disappear in the mythological movies. Yeah, I can write whenever lightning strikes. No stress of thinking about writing consistently.

Ok, what about the first problem? You said you have no time and energy, right?

Yes, I am coming to the point.

I still have no time, I still hate writing.

Being a hacker, I used the technology to fill the gap. For me, it is easy to talk rather write. I use a couple of apps on my Mac (Dictation + Automator) to automate the writing process. I talk, the system writes. On the iPhone side, I use Voice Memos app (built-in app). The whole process isn’t easy to start with; I am still struggling. The good news: Slowly I am getting there. Later I use Grammarly to fine tune my blabberings.

Stay tuned as I am going to showcase my workflow in another blog post.

On the go, I use Byword app on my iPhone. I started writing a bit more while waiting in a queue in the supermarket or travelling as a passenger in a car etc. I also use this time to edit my previous ramblings. I use just 25-30% of my talk still the very significant portion (75%) of my writing comes from my mouth rather than me assaulting on my keyboard.

That is one side of the story, and I surmounted those two problems with a hack.

How I lost £20k/year passive income over a single night?

Another side to the story is what technology to use. I used to have a WordPress blog. The maintenance of WordPress is chaos. I have to update the plug-ins and the platform itself. The security of WordPress is nothing short of a nightmare. Hosting is another hurdle.

I own a small web business company where I used to manage a limited number of clients and their online presence. The whole business built on WordPress platform. At the end of 2016, I lost £20k/year passive income over the night as my hosting provider lost the data as hard disks failed (including backups). I had gone through hell. I was able to restore all of my client’s sites but lost my blog in the process. You can see my old blog here.

From then on I felt dejected and kept myself mostly to my work related projects. I became a WordPress sceptic and looked for other platforms to create websites/blogs. In the process, I explored different CMS platforms. Nothing impressed me in the beginning. Finally, I have come across several static site generators. I looked into Jekyll, Hugo, Metalsmith, etc. In the end, I was super impressed with Hugo and lovingly crafted my blog using Hugo.

At the same time, I got an opportunity to grab a simple top level domain with my name on it which you are reading this article right now. Getting a five letter top level domain with your exact name is like Mission Impossible.

You: Yes, man, you have to make most out of it then?

Me: Sure, Will do my friend!

If you want to see how this blog made with love from scratch, then follow me as I am going to release several blog posts here over the coming days.

Stay tuned!