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Narendra Mandadapu

Top Up Your Coinbase Account With Zero Transaction Fee

This post applies to all British citizens who use Coinbase to deposit their money to trade or invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

GDAX website

How to avoid transaction fee while depositing money to your Coinbase account.

I use GDAX to trade my Bitcoins. Currently, if you want to buy some bitcoin in GBP(£) using GDAX, you need to top up your Coinbase account with EURO(€) currency (GADX is a part of Coinbase). There’s no choice, you can’t deposit Great British Pound due to technical problems. See the announcement! 👇

Coinbase allows Euro currency only

But if you use any mainstream U.K bank to transfer your pounds to euros then they charge a minimum of £5 per transaction. You lose your battle even before you start trading as you are out of pocket with £5 transaction fee. Doh! 😟

I bank with Barclays, and they want a fiver every time I top up my Coinbase account. But I found a free way to transfer the monies to my Coinbase account using my mobile. This method is mobile friendly and fast with zero transaction fee.

I use one free app (from Barclays) called PingIt, with zero transaction fee. PingIt app is free for everyone. All you need is a U.K mobile number plus U.K bank account. You don’t have to be a Barclays customer to use this app. Just register and top up your Coinbase account with Euros (€)

Note: Don’t forget to send the money in Euros (€) otherwise, Coinbase will reject your money.

Try it, and you save a lot of money.

PingIt confirmation

PingIt confirmation

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When you register Coinbase using my invitation, then we both get £7 each. Use this link to register your account with Coinbase. Cheers.. 🤝

Disclaimer: I have no association with Coinbase or GDAX. I am just a customer like you.

In the comments, let me know which method you use to transfer your local currency to your Coinbase account.